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Adrenalin 16 Touring Binding

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Looking like something out of a Transformers movie, thTyrolia Adrenalin 16 Short Ski Bindings are for freeriders who want no compromise on downhill performance. Adjustable toe height and sliding AFD mean that the Adrenalin can accommodate any type of ski boot. The floating heel track is made from lightweight Titanal alloy and allows for free flex of the ski underneath the binding. The pole-activated ski / tour lock is incredibly easy to use in all conditions and doesn't require step-out. Once unlocked the binding has three climb angles to tackle whatever the skin track dishes out. Like any transformer, the Adrenalin has a clean angular design and a black / white paint job, so you know it'll get the job done! For your shorter winter walks in the mountains, the Adrenalin is the go-to. Ease of use meets downhill performance meets future Ski God looks in thTyrolia Adrenalin 16 Short Ski Bindings.

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