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Marker Jester 16 Binding

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The Marker Jester 16 Binding is a high powered binding for bigger or more aggressive skiers.

Magnesium components make this bad boy strong, and powerful, without making it too heavy. The Inter Pivot Heel will keep you locked down no matter what. Marker’s Triple Pivot Elite Toe has horizontal springs to provide high energy transmission, just because you haul ass down the mountain. A wide mounting platform and narrow foot print will give you a deep flex to your skis, and a high torsional strength. If you want the #1 binding in freeskiing get yourself a set of Marker Jesters today.


  • DIN range 6 – 16
  • Recom. Skier’s Weight 130+ lbs
  • Height w/o ski 22 mm
  • Brake Width 90mm, 110mm, 136mm
  • Toe System Triple Pivot Elite
  • Gliding AFD Stainless Steel, Height Adjustable*
  • Step-in heel Inter-Pivot
  • EPS system Dual-screw Brake Pad

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