Here at the Forerunner Ski Shop we offer exceptional Ski/Snowboard Tuning and Repair services, including our famous season tune program for Killington frequenters!

We always want to note that MOUNTING SERVICES will require the boots to be present for inspection at the time you leave your gear to be worked on.

The forerunner is also capable of all other services such as pole and skin cutting. The pricing for those services are to be discussed at time of drop off or service, as they will depend on the type of the equipment.



FULL TUNE $50 Our full tune includes base repairs (not including any truly major work), base grinds to get the skis flat edge to edge, base grind for structure/pattern, side/base edge sharpening as well as waxing of the ski.

EDGE & WAX - $35 Our Edge and Wax include just that, we will sharpen and wax your skis as well as belt them for a minor polishing on the base.

WAX ONLY - $15 If you would like like your skis/snowboard waxed we can also help with that! Will use appropriate wax for the current conditions!

BASE/EDGE REPAIRS - Base and edge repairs to a pair of skis truly depends on the project that we have at hand.



STANDARD MOUNT - $50 This service is for the mounting of a ski and binding together, not for system skis which would fall under the adjustment and calibration service.

REMOUNT - $50 This service is the same as the mounting of a new ski and binding together, but would include moving a bindings position on an already mounted ski, as well as moving a binding from an old ski to a new ski.

BINDING ADJUSTMENT & CALIBRATION - $25-$35 This service depends on the binding system and how much time it will take a tech to complete the task, this can typically be done on the spot.

It is also worth noting that we do mount tech and uphill bindings but they would fall under the standard mounting service.